Latour’s Gifford Lectures

The 1/6 was last night. All of them are being streamed live by Edinburgh here, which is a pretty decent quality save for a few freezes. 2/6 is tonight at 17.30. 3/6 is Thursday night and the following 3 are on Monday (25th), Tuesday (26th) and Thursday (27th) next week.

I was tweeting the key points from last night’s opening lecture ‘Once Out of Nature’ and intend to do so for the remaining 5 (@samhind10). I also uploaded a number of slides that were presented alongside as quick as I was able to printscreen them, save to my dropbox folder and upload them to my mobile phone. Sometimes there are benefits to watching a lecture on a laptop screen from your bedroom instead of actually being there.

The next post is a collection of the tweets from lecture 1 made using Storify.

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