Latour Gifford Lectures 2013: Once Out of Nature (1/6)

  1. Latour opening his series of Gifford Lectures with a quote from Patrick Geddes…
  2. Geddes was a Scottish urban planner. Designed the garden city plan for Tel Aviv.
  3. The concept of earth as a ‘geohistorical’ narrative.
  4. Science as practice / politics as non-human too / religion freed from political epistemology
  5. Lectures as ‘mediations on a political theology of nature’.
  6. Introduces the term ‘oowwab’ (out of which we are born) to replace ‘people of nature’.
  7. Actually, it should be OWWAAB. Out of which we are all born. Apologies. Too many Os, Ws and As.
  8. Work will revolve around ‘animation’ of entities.
  9. The expression ‘nature’ doesn’t define what is assembled in practice.
  10. Nor does ‘religion’ qualify the people, rites and attachments proper to those practices.
  11. Exteriority and universality as exercised above agency by those who are religious.
  12. Gaia as inside and outside, unified and multiple, animate and inanimate, controversial and decided.
  13. Questions from the floor to follow. Apologies for the stream of tweets.
  14. Latour gives a shout-out to Haraway. And considers that ‘care’ is something that should be worked with more. #blgiff
  15. The enthusiasm of the surgeons shows clearly enough that we can not distinguish “belief” from “knowledge”.
  16. Ironically climatologists the most interested and worried about state of the world, despite scientific distance.
  17. A rather relevant tweet from @LatourBot re: belief and knowledge of epistemic groups.

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