NSS 2014 Hackathon


From March 24th -25th the Hague will host the third Nuclear Security Summit. Its aim is to ‘prevent nuclear terrorism around the globe’ and will be an opportunity for world leaders to meet and discuss this rather delicate issue. Previous summits were hosted in Seoul and Washington DC.

As part of the growing interest in analyzing the flow of social data swirling through various medias during the two days, the Utrecht Data School will host a hackathon. In their own words it will be an attempt to ‘visualize and understand all the commotion around NSS with social media monitoring tools, data-analysis and datavisualization’. Anyone with an interest in the NSS, social media analysis or datavisualization is encouraged to attend. Participation is free.

Buzzcapture are co-hosting the event, and it runs from 9am on both days at Rotslab in Utrecht. The UDS team is led by Mirko Schaefer.  If you want to be involved, email Mike van Stroe (mike@dataschool.nl).

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