Activism II

Another exciting looking event coming up on activism, this time at QMUL on May 1st-2nd. Let’s hope it doesn’t clash with any possible demonstrations, as is common on May Day. Entitled ‘Power and Resistance: Theory and Imaginative Activism’, the conference will look to discuss three themes:

  • New opportunities and possibilities for political interventions and resistance
  • The relationship between theory and practice in the spheres of political struggles
  • New forms of activism on new digital platforms of communication capable of generating radical resistance against hegemonic powers

There is a call for contributions out now, with a requirement to forward a 500 word abstract to before March 31st. Based on these three themes there will be three panels:

  • ‘Disobedient Theory: Interventions into Normality’
  • ‘The Agony of Power: Politics and Resistance’
  • ‘Technopolitics: Activism and Subversion in the Digital Age’

For more details on each of these, head over to the Power & Resistance conference website.

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