What do maps mean to you?

GDNWitnessMapsThe Guardian are running another one of their guardianwitness assignments, following up from the one on walls, that ended with a fabulous interactive article on the ‘walled world’.

This time the assignment in question asks: “what do maps mean to you?” It only has 4 days left, and has garnered 53 contributions so far. The blurb for the article goes:

Whether it’s a beautifully illustrated treasure map, something scrawled on the back of an envelope, a conceptual brainstorm or even a palm reading, share your maps with us. We don’t want to you to share photos of OS maps or AA road atlases – rather, we’d like to see your own maps that help you navigate and place yourself in your surroundings. We will make a gallery of some of our favourites…

There are contributions from cyclists, postgraduate students, artists, environmental workers, geologists, metalsmiths and more.

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