A re-design

I slowly grew out of love with the Chunk theme I’ve had since I started this blog, so last night decided to go for a new look.

The new theme is called Zoren, and I think it’s a little less abrasive than Chunk. As it’s only been available since the summer it’s low down the WordPress popular themes list – which should be good for carving out a new identity for the blog. I came across many other ‘Chunks’ whilst surfing the web (it’s the 46th most popular).

Detail-wise I much prefer the header font, as well as the sizing and format. The mottled grey background seems to work better, although I’ve been playing with other colours,  and Jasper Johns’ Map (1961) gives it a little bit of vibrancy across the front of the site.

On the sidebar to the right I’ve added widgets for my Twitter account, content tags, a search function, blog themes and recent posts. Again, I might play around with these but for now I think there’s a good selection that allow you to sift through the site’s content.

Hope you like it.

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