In Divisible Cities / Mattering Maps

I was alerted to a new ‘phanto-cartographical missive’ called ‘In Divisible Cities’ by Dominic Pettman the other day, courtesy of Stuart Elden’s blog. It’s available to purchase here, or as a free PDF here.

I’ve only had a quick chance to look through it, but one of these early missives is entitled ‘Mattering Maps’ and is well worth a read. It’s a beautifully poetic reading of the map as generator. Another that grabbed me is entitled ‘We Can Trace’, which is another short piece on mutoscopes and voyeurism.  Another two struck me as being richly provocative, despite their brevity:


Shouldn’t all moments have the right to be momentous?



If Goethe is correct in postulating that “architecture is frozen
music,” does that mean music is liquid architecture?


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