Here Come the Drones!

At the Furtherfield Gallery, London, now until 26th May.

From their website:

“The devices that once populated the creepy dystopian futures of science fiction have broken through into our daily reality.

Drones of dozens of different types are becoming a part of everyday life. They scout our public (and private) spaces, carrying out surveillance or reconnaissance in the service of nation states and as unmanned robotic tools, armed with missiles and bombs, acting in defence of “national security”.”

Includes Bit Plane by Bureau of Inverse Technology (Natalie Jeremijenko and Kate Rich), Parallel by Lawrence Bird, The Private Life of a Drone by Patrick Lichty, Lines by Dave Miller and Gavin Stewart, TELEWAR by Dave Young and The Force of Freedom and Moveable Borders – The Reposition Matrix by Dave Young. The latter forms the central installation for the whole exhibition:

“The Reposition Matrix aims to reterritorialise the drone as a physical, industrially-produced technology of war through the creation of an open-access database: a ‘reposition matrix’ that geopolitically situates the organisations, locations, and trading networks that play a role in the production of military drone technologies.”

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