June Workshop – Thinking and Doing Digital Mapping

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I thought I’d repost an announcement from Charting the Digital on a forthcoming workshop at the University of Warwick. I should be presenting an early version of a paper I’m co-writing with fellow CTD member Alex Gekker (who has recently set up his Casual Space blog). We will be talking about the ludification of automobility and satellite navigation. Martin Dodge, Muki Haklay and Lisa Parks are amongst the workshop participants. The blurb is below:

“Digital mapping has developed over the last thirty years to become a pervasive and global technology. It shapes our understanding of the world, and strongly mediates how we approach it.

Yet remarkably little is known about how particular assemblages of digital mapping actually do their work, or contribute to thinking about the world. What approaches yield which kinds of understanding about the encounter between people, mapping and the world? And how are different methodologies wrapped up in digital mapping?

To this end, Charting the Digital is hosting a workshop titled “Thinking and Doing Digital Mapping”. The workshop will explore how digital mapping has become a central tool for thinking and doing in today’s global culture.

Sybille Lammes (University of Warwick, UK)*

Nanna Verhoeff (University of Utrecht, NL)*

Chris Perkins (University of Manchester, UK)*

Tristan Thielman (Siegen University, Germany)

Martin Dodge (University of Manchester, UK)

Joe Gerlach (University of Oxford, UK)

Gregory Asmolov (LSE, UK)

Barry Brown (University of Glasgow, UK)

Muki Haklay (UCL, UK)

Lisa Parks (University of California Santa Barbara, USA)

Larissa Hjorth (RMIT, Australia)

Sam Hind (University of Warwick, UK)*

Alex Gekker (University of Utrecht, NL)*

Clancy Wilmott (University of Manchester, UK)*

It aims to bring together a variety of researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplinary and methodological backgrounds who share a common focus on digital mapping. The workshop will run in June at the University of Warwick.”

All * individuals are affiliated to the Charting the Digital project.

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