Tweets and the Streets

Another event happening today that I would’ve loved to have attended is a lecture by Paulo Gerbaudo entitled ‘Tweets and the Streets: Social Media and Contemporary Activism’ at the London College of Communication. It’s from 5-6.00pm. The lecture will be presenting ‘key themes and conclusions’ from his recent book of the same name. The lecture is hosted by the Spatial Communication Programme Group. Here is a little more from the LCC website:

Gerbaudo will argue that activists’ use of Twitter and Facebook does not fit with the image of a ‘cyberspace’ detached from physical reality but that social media is used as part of a project of re-appropriation of public space, which involves the assembling of different groups around ‘occupied’ places such as Cairo’s Tahrir Square or New York’s Zuccotti Park. Tweets and the Streets points both to the creative possibilities and to the risks of political evanescence which new media brings to the contemporary protest experience.

You can get hold of Gerbaudo’s introduction from Tweets and the Streets from his website here.

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