Latour Gifford Lectures 2013: A Question of Agency (2/6)

  1. Blind watchmaker against blind watchmaker. Foundations based purely on who built what.
  2. Latour’s ‘translation table’ gets another showing.
  3. Requires endless translations and transformations.
  4. Theos (entity) Nomos (agency) Demos (people).
  5. At no point in Hume’s dialogue does he encounter the very way of acting religiously.
  6. One regime of truth. Umbrellas, mistresses, religion (!) One size fits all for Hume.
  7. Natural religion sweeps across all 16 dimensions in the table.
  8. Nature 1 and Religion 1 alongside each other. ‘natural religion’.
  9. Features of nature imparted on religion and poured back over nature.
  10. Chain of references darting between each. Table to follow.
  11. To call something scientific – taking a risk.
  12. Must rely on translation after translation.
  13. Relativism brings anxieties to scientists (!)
  14. Humble material activity vs. Mysterious nature of scientific revelation.
  15. Accept the humble nature of scientific endeavour. Nothing wrong in admitting this.
  16. Climatologists: stand on your own ground!
  17. Rich anthropological reportoire – how would we know the world without it?
  18. No outside supreme court of nature. Talking about matters of fact.
  19. Multiverse / secularity / non-naturalists / non-modern collectives.
  20. Latour has been using Hume’s Dialogues as a framework for this lecture today.
  21. Aaand over. Questions to follow. Again, apologies for the stream of tweets.
  22. Question 1: main points of the lecture?
  23. Rearrangement of the categories of nature and religion.
  24. Not the name but the attributes that matter. No anthro in anthropocene per se. Classic Latour in a nutshell.
  25. As an aside, Latour is rocking a lively Jackson Pollock-esque tie today. #blgiff
  26. Another question on anxiety/(lack of) authority of scientific worldviews.
  27. More Qs on social sciences and Catholicism.

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