#FuckUber: 8 Reasons Why Uber is Bad for All of Us


Apologies for the lack of updates on this blog. I’m busy doing a few other things at the moment and The Semaphore Line has taken a backseat. However, last week I wrote a short article for Novara Media on Uber, and why I think it’s dangerous. The link is here: http://wire.novaramedia.com/2014/11/fuckuber-8-reasons-why-uber-is-bad-for-all-of-us/. I could have added another 6 or so points, but decided, for the sake of brevity, to keep it to 8. I’m looking to write something more substantive on Uber at a later date. The debate around its impact is fascinating, and it crosscuts a whole load of contemporary issues around digital technology, politics and space.