Touching Space, Placing Touch

Mark Paterson’s edited title Touching Space, Placing Touch with Martin Dodge is to see print this August. Ashgate’s page on the book is here, and includes an eclectic mix of touch-based spatial narratives.

French geographer Anne Volvey’s chapter ‘Fieldwork: how to get in(to) touch’ and Hannah Macpherson’s ‘Guiding visually impaired walking groups’ are of particular interest, and all chapters engage with topics otherwise neglected, or dealt with through standard visual approaches (art, toilets and elephant captivity as themes!).

I’ve tried my best to track down Paterson’s The Senses of Touch: Haptics, Affects and Technologies (2007), a fantastic historical analysis of touch. Chapter 5 entitled ‘Tangible Play, Prosthetic Performance’ sounds promising, and from reading some of Paterson’s other work in Human Geography journals, I’m convinced he’s got some approaches that might well tessellate with a Stieglerian approach. I also notice his PhD supervisor was Nigel Thrift, so there’s a definite link. His blog Senses of Touch is worth heading over too, with Haptic, Blindness and Technology the fulcrum of his research interest.