Activism III: Samuel Carlisle on ‘disruptive technologies’

Completing a hat-trick of activism posts, I thought I’d embed a video of Sukey developer, electronic engineer, activist, hacker and maker (!) Samuel Carlisle speaking on ‘Disruptive technologies’ at the ThinkTwice conference. Hosted in Frankfurt by Pirate Parties International, it was an attempt to bridge the gaps in knowledge between PPI, academia and the NGO world. Its tagline was ‘Away from Keyboard’ so much of the content was centered on the the interplay between offline and online activism.

Samuel’s presentation itself was an attempt to talk about the fostering of a ‘read/write’ world in which individuals learn the ability to interrogate the ‘black-box’ nature of modern technological devices in order to engage in civic action. The details of the talk as well as his slides are available here.