Another Apple Maps Fail

This time it’s all rather serious. If you’re trying to find the town of Mildura in northwestern Victoria, Australia, you might have some problems. Apple’s iOS 6 marks it a whole 70km away from its actual location. The warning was put out by the state police, here. I always like seeing the comments on news sites when these stories come up though. Here’s a selection from The Guardian:

Don’t worry, the other Very Good features make up for it. Like the 3D view, or the ability to control the GPS with Siri. For example:

“Where the fuck are we, Siri?”
“That abandoned coal mine doesn’t look like a Starbucks, Siri”
“Communicate our whereabouts to the nearest search and rescue chopper, Siri”


Not sure Siri would be able to help much!

Oh for **** sake – why are people stupidly relying on technology that needs batteries, is prone to error and damage. Get a map, you know the paper versions with contours etc


And a great response to the above, here:

@ agir: you mean use paper maps made using the same processes and techniques as electronic maps?
Oh for **** sake – why are people stupidly relying on paper maps that disintegrate in the rain and are difficult to read in high winds, are prone to error and damage. Get a phone, you know the electronic versions with contours etc

both have advantages and disadvantages…

I love it when people assume the paper map doesn’t have faults of its own. Although admittedly, it is rather hot in Australia this time of year so I doubt high winds and downpours are going to cause a problem.