The Mechanical Turk

Saturday saw the TUC ‘A Future That Works‘ march in London, and estimates suggest 150,000 people took to the streets (see here). Ed Miliband and others spoke at the Hyde Park rally which was hosted by James Smith (or, Glenn Cullen from The Thick of It!)

Protest marches are invariably tiring affairs. My calves are still aching from walking round London all day, and my head hurts from trying to extract data from Twitter, which I can assure you is not an easy process. The ‘anti-kettling’ mobile web app, Sukey (version 3.0) was running during the day, providing a reliable and informative account of proceedings. I’m trying my best to collate hashtagged tweets (‘#sukey’ ‘#oct20’ etc.) and updates from key accounts (@sukeyio, @OccupyLondon etc.) to help with tracking the action. I’ve also saved all the re-tweeted and verified images of incidents during the demonstrations across London and hope to make use of them somehow. Sukey should be launching a corresponding desktop web app in the next few days. The overall aim is to connect those inside demonstrations with those outside, by crowdsourcing ‘micro-tasks’ (like Amazon Mechanical Turk, they say) and enrolling others in small but crucial jobs (tagging photos, linking tweets etc.).