*Update* Maps, Kettles and Inflatable Cobblestones: The Art of Playful Disruption in the City

Back in February I posted an article I wrote for Novara Wire on protest mapping. In it I mentioned I had a forthcoming article in a themed issue of Media Fields on ‘Spaces of Protest’. Since I mentioned it the issue still isn’t live is now live. Until that time I’ve decided to upload the […]

‘Print this Map. Get off the Internet. Take to the Streets’: 5 of the Left’s Best Mapping Moments

“Mapping and activism have a long history. In the final days of the Paris Commune the military advances of the Versailles army were mapped on a daily basis as the revolutionaries sought to keep them at bay. Fast forward nearly 100 years and the Situationists were once again mapping Paris in altogether more abstract ways […]

‘Thinking the Volume’ podcast with Stuart Elden

A re-blog of an interview with Stuart Elden over at Archipelago in which he tackles some of his recent work on volumetric territory. Some important discussions of the area/volume relationship including the issues inherent in ‘flat’ discussions. He draws on Eyal Weizman‘s much-lauded and highly-recommended Hollow Land in order to talk about the architectures and […]

Activism III: Samuel Carlisle on ‘disruptive technologies’

Completing a hat-trick of activism posts, I thought I’d embed a video of Sukey developer, electronic engineer, activist, hacker and maker (!) Samuel Carlisle speaking on ‘Disruptive technologies’ at the ThinkTwice conference. Hosted in Frankfurt by Pirate Parties International, it was an attempt to bridge the gaps in knowledge between PPI, academia and the NGO world. Its […]

Activism I

An exciting looking programme for the upcoming #DigitalActivismNow conference at KCL on April 4th. The closing plenary will be given by Gabriella Coleman and is entitled ‘Weapons of the Geeks’. There are 4 panels across the day: Hacking and Hacktivism (chaired by Tim Jordon, KCL) inc. a presentation by Sam Carlisle from Sukey. Digital Propoganda (chaired […]